TOHOOYO Teacher Children’s Wall Clock Non-Ticking Colorful Decorative Wall Clock Large 12-Inch Wall Clock for Kids/Girls/Boy Living Room(White)

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  • Lovely Style Design:This clock suits any room decor, perfect as a special present. especially for children and teens.
  • Silent Mechanism: No annoying ticking alarm clock. High quality quartz movement and no second hand design ensures completely noiseless environment.
  • Easy to read and teach :We designed the clock to help teaching our own child to learn how to read time. Every minute is represented on the clock, meaning it’s easy for your kids to remember where each minute is.
  • Easy to clean:Sturdy plastic case and glass lens, makes it easy to clean and keeps dust away.
  • Easy to use:Seamless Case Design allows your clock and wall integration. Easy to hang, Uses 1 "AA" battery (not included).
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